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About me

Hello my name is Dylan CZ and I am an artist with high functioning autism. I enjoy doing many types of art including sketching, painting, sharpie art, graphic design, etc. I specialize in certain categories including pop culture, gothic, horror, medieval (typically dragons), native American (typically dreamcatchers), psychedelia, landscapes and tributes.

I was born on a military base in Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan, since then I have been raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia and then Hanford, Santa Cruz and Bakersfield all in California. I currently reside in Ventura, California where I took some art classes at Ventura College and Ventura Adult Continuing Education (VACE). I had worked for Industry Horror from August 2017-August 2018 and attended and interned at Kindling Studios from May 2019-February 2021. I currently attend and intern Open Door Studios in Oxnard Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays where I have my art displayed and shirts, stickers and prints for sale.

My select mediums are Sharpie style art, sketch art, paintings and occasionally graphic design. My technique for making my Sharpie art is to sketch out the drawing first and then outline it with a sharpie, as for the colorization of the select Sharpie arts, I color them by using Adobe Photoshop.

I’m inspired to make art as I am a fan of pop culture as well as gothic and horror culture. I enjoy watching movies and tv shows as well as playing video games and listening to music. I’m inspired by both horror and gothic art because I always thought that skulls generally looked cool and Halloween has been one of my favorite holidays. I am also a big fan of Tim Burtons artistic style as well.

My biggest achievements in my art career is when I first got one of my The Simpsons/Futurama fan art getting published in Simpsons Comics Issue #225 when I met two of the writers of the Simpsons Comics at Metro Comics in Santa Barbara back in 2015.  Two years later I would work for Industry Horror where I got a few of my artworks printed on stickers as well as designing the 2017 Zombie Prom t-shirt.  I would later join Kindling Studios in May 2019 where I began my internship there in January 2020 as well as selling some of my artwork printed on prints, t-shirts and stickers at pop up sale events. I also made a speech at CalTash in Sacramento, California in March 2020 (just two weeks before the COVID-19 lockdown) where I talked about myself and my art career as well as proposing my idea for a non-profit I want to start someday, which I call it "Raven In The Night" and I plan  on  non-profit company for my art in the future which would sell my art in prints and stickers as well as potentially printed on t-shirts, hoodies, flip flops, pin buttons and hats and its proceeds would potentially go to environmental, animal rights organizations and autism programs, which I will have to see if I can do all three or at least one of them since it's a process to start a non-profit and all.  

I would also have guest artists to contribute to the non-profit too where they can create designs and artworks with the non-profit and they can even sell them in prints and merchandise too.

In March 2021, I have left Kindling Studios and now I'm attending Open Door Studios in Oxnard, California, which I continue to be an intern as well as an resident artist and I have sold a few paintings and other things for over $200 so far, I continue to create my art from both home and at Open Door Studios and I still have the plan of starting my own non-profit someday.

I’m also doing commissions, if you have something in mind you want me to draw in sharpie form or paint for you whether be a pet of yours, your favorite character or your own character, a portrait, a landscape or anything else, please contact me through my Gmail and i’ll give you the prices.
(805) 832-7187

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